Spot #1: Field Near UPS Building

A large field where all movements on runway 35L/17R are visible. You can also see approaches to runway 29 along with approaches and rollouts for arrivals on runway 11. Aircraft on taxiway Alpha are close up and pilots will often wave. 35R arrivals and 17L departures are also visible in the distance.

Runway 35L departures will rotate near here, as will 17R departures going the opposite direction. Approaches and touchdowns on runway 35L/17R are also visible too.

Approaches to runway 29 are visible, but the runway slopes behind terrain, obscuring the touchdown point. Approaches to runway 26 and runway 8 are in sight of this spot, but both touchdown zones are obscured by buildings and terrain

Do not go beyond the concrete blocks or any of the "no trespassing" signs.It's okay to stand on the blocks (briefly) or set up a ladder a reasonable distance from the signs, but do not enter the field beyond that point.

In the area before the "no trespassing" signs (which can be accessed near the fuel tanks) it is alright to set up a ladder or stand on the blocks, though the top of the fence may be in the way. It's not the greatest location for photography, but it is excellent for a casual visit, so long as you do not go beyond the concrete blocks.

Videos from this location: (Kelowna Flightcraft DC-10 using taxiway Alpha and departing runway 35L) (Air Canada 787 making a touch and go on runway 17R) (Thomas Cook 757 taxiing and taking off on runway 17R) (FedEx/Morningstar 757 landing on runway 11 and taxiing to apron) (Cathay Pacific 747-400F using taxiway Alpha and departing runway 35L) (Atlas Air 747-400 taking off from 17R, shot from a truck near the fence)

Pictures from this location: