Spot #1: Leduc Chamber of Commerce

A small viewing area where arrivals on runway 30 and takeoffs from runway

12 are visible. Also possible to see departures on runway 30, but this is not

the best spot for that. This spot is best for runway 30 arrivals with aircraft

flying directly overhead, along with runway 12 departures in the opposite


Arrivals on runway 30 are very low and are an impressive sight. Heavy

aircraft taking off from 12 are also impressive.

Since the spot is across a highway from the airport, you will need a long lens

for runway 12 departures. Perimeter fencing and ILS antennae

will obscure the touchdown point.

None, this is a dedicated viewing area.

Good for photography and videos, provided you have enough zoom. This location is near a trailer dumping station, so there can be lots of traffic in the summer.

Videos from this loc
ation: (Air Transat A310-300 taxiing and taking off from runway 12) (KLM A330-200 overhead landing on runway 30)

Pictures from this location: