Spot #11: Barlow Trail NE Hill


A very large hill that offers a spectacular view of the new runway, with all movements runway 17L in plain sight. Also visible in the distance to the south are landings on 35R, and close up rotations from aircraft departing 35R. 35R arrivals will often take the high speed taxiway directly in front and make for a great head-on photo op. Climb outs from aircraft on 35L are visible to the west, in addition to aircraft approaching 17R.

Spotters are elevated fairly high above the runway and taxiways and the new terminal is also visible from here. No obstructions from the fences whatsoever.

This spot is currently right in the middle of a contractor zone for the new terminal construction. It cannot be accessed without prior permission. However, if you ask someone, maybe they'll let you in.

Do not go any farther south than Delta 6 (the taxiway pointing right at the hill). If construction workers or police ask you to leave, be respectful and do so. Spot 12 located nearby offers a similar view.

This spot can be accessed using the former construction road directly off 100 Ave NE. Park in front of the concrete blocks on the ramp leading up to the hill.

Video from this location: (First landing and takeoff on runway 35R) (WestJet 767-300ER taxiing and taking off 17L) (Edelweiss Air A330-300 landing on 35R and taxiing close up on Delta 6) (KLM A330-300 taxiing close up on Bravo and taking off 17L) (FedEx A300F4-600R taxiing close up on Bravo and taking off 17L)

Pictures from this location: