Spot #13: Apron II Cargo Buildings

A parking lot that offers a great view of aircraft taxiing close up on taxiway Juliet after landing on 35R or 17L (and parking at Concourse A or B). Traffic going the opposite direction from Concourse A and B taxiing to 17L will also go this way, same with any cargo coming to/from Apron II, VII, or IX to/from 35R or 17L. 


This spot is incredibly close up to the aircraft, and the view is quite spectacular. In the winter, snow is sometimes piled up here.


The fence here is the tallest of all the fences at the airport, so you have no choice but to shoot through it or just let the fence get in the way. At the parking area further south, there are several obstacles between the fence and Apron II, making photography difficult.


None that I have encountered. Remember, don't stay within 3 meters of the fence for too long.


Good for photography and videos. To get here, drive west on 78th Avenue NE, and turn right at the intersection with 21st Street

NE. Continue past the buildings, towards the large fence that is situated right next to taxiway Juliet. Further south of the fence, there is a small parking area that you can use to get shots of aircraft sitting on Apron II.

Videos from this location: (Atlas Air 747-400F close up taxi) (Antonov Design Bureau An-124 close up taxi) (French Air Force A310 close up taxi) (Air Greenland A330 parked) (ABX Air/DHL 767-200F taxi to parking) (Air Canada 777-300ER taxi to the gate)

Pictures from this location: