A road from which arrivals on runway 30 and partial departures from runway 30 can be seen. Aircraft taking off from runway 12 are also visible, in addition to aircraft taxiing on Alpha.

If you want some great touchdown shots, this is the place to be. Lighting is great in the morning.

The approach to runway 30 is obscured and the fence comes back into view as aircraft decelerate (see video below).

None experienced.

Good for photography and videos. Make sure you aren't blocking traffic and stay clear of construction. There should be a dirt patch off to the left side of the road (if heading SE on 35th Ave), park and stand in that area.

Videos from this location:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrXlBVVWB4k (Air China 777F landing on runway 30 and taxiing into the ramp)

Pictures from this location:

Spot #2: 35 Avenue E