Spot #2: Purolator Parking Lot

A parking lot right next to the Purolator facility with a nice view of Apron VII and the westernmost portion of taxiway Whiskey. All movements on runway 11, takeoffs on runway 29, and runway 17R approaches are visible. Formerly, Kelowna Flightcraft aircraft parked here while operating for Purolator.


Evening spotting from here offers great lighting on departing aircraft, and aircraft on runway 11 are quite close. During the winter months, snow is also piled up here, allowing for a nicer view.


There is a large chain link fence at the end of the parking lot, obstructing the views slightly. Terrain also blocks the view of runway 29.


Don't hang around too long, Purolator doesn't like spotters using their parking lot. As always, stand 3 meters from the fence.


Good for photography, not as great for video unless you want to see some Apron VII action.

Videos from this location:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOV7U5Os4Yc (Air Canada Jazz CRJ-200 landing on Runway 11)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSuD0cPmXDY (Air C
anada Embraer 190 taking off from Runway 29)

Pictures from this location: