Spot #3: Aero Drive NE/Apron IX


Summary (A):

A sidewalk along Aero Drive NE where you can see overhead departures off

runway 29 and arrivals on runway 11 (uncommon), with a limited view of runway

17R/35L. Good view of aircraft parked on Apron 9, primarily used for cargo

operations and Royal Air Force flights.

Summary (B):

A small road leading to an airside gate where there are close up views of aircraft

on the easternmost stands.

Pros (A):

Excellent view of operations on this apron. Heavies departing runway 29 are still

low by the time they reach Aero Drive.

Pros (B):

Depending which stand an aircraft parks at, you can get a nearly head on shot.

Cons (A+B):

The fence is a hassle, but a ladder (placed far enough away) will suffice.

Security (A+B):

When RAF aircraft are present on the apron, there will be police and they will ask you to leave right away. Typically, once troops and cargo have disembarked, it is okay to quickly grab a picture. As with every spot at YYC, do not park or put a ladder anywhere closer than 10 feet from the fence.


All cargo flights to and from YYC use this apron for their operations, with the following exceptions.

Cathay Pacific Cargo (B747-8F, Apron II)

Atlas Air (B747-400F, Apron II)

Morningstar Air Express (B757-200F, Apron VII)

FedEx Express (A300-600F, Apron VII)

United Parcel Service (A300-600F/B767-300F, Apron VII)

Videos from this location (A): (Cargolux 747-8F landing on 35L, taxi, and parking)

Pictures from this location (A+B):