Spot #4: Aero Drive NE/Airport Trail

Aero Drive NE and Airport Trail are two roads that pass directly underneath the flight path of runway 17R. Landings on runway 17R, runway 35L climb outs, the north side of Concourse A, and aircraft taxiing to runway 17R are all visible.


While driving, you can pull over and catch overhead shots of aircraft landing on 17R. There is a sidewalk along Aero Drive, making that road a better place to stand.


Between Aero Drive and the runway, there is a large hill that blocks further views of the aircraft after it passes over. Along Aero Drive, there are also some power lines that can get in the way.


None that I am aware of, but don't hang around here too long.


There are sidewalks along both sides of Aero Drive, making it safer to stop than Airport Trail.

Video from this location:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkEDjBQb4BE (British Airways 767-300ER overhead arrival)

Pictures from this location: