A parking lot where all movements on runway 02-20 can be seen, along with

aircraft close up on taxiway Bravo. Also possible to see departures on

runway 30 or arrivals on 12 in the far distance.

Aircraft taxiing on Bravo are very close up and there is a great view of both

ends of the runway. The most flexible location for runway 02-20, by far.

There is a sewer that you can stand on for some extra height above the


The fence slightly obscures the view of the runway 20 threshold, but not the

touchdown zone. Also impossible to get a clear shot of FedEx aircraft on their apron from here.

None experienced. If you're using a ladder, remember the notes in the security section on the main page. Never hurts to give a wave to the vehicles driving by on the other side of the fence.


Good for photography and videos, make sure you do not park in the restricted spaces or any reserved ones.

Videos from this location: (Omni Air International 767 taking off from 02)

Pictures from this location:

Spot #4: Shell AeroCentre 2 Parking Lot