A small dirt area on the south side of AB19 where all movements on

runway 02-20 can be seen, best for 02 departures and 20 arrivals.

Aircraft taxiing to 20 are also visible.

Great spot to catch some low runway 20 arrivals, and the lighting in the

evening is great. Departures off of 02 are also fairly low at this point.

Lighting is bad when aircraft are viewed to the south in the winter. The

ILS antennae may obstruct the view.

None experienced.

Good for photography and videos. There should be a dirt patch off to the left side of the road (if heading west), park and stand in that area. If this spot doesn't meet your requirements, Range Road 252 to the northeast of this spot is good for catching overhead arrivals. For good early morning lighting, Range Road 251, located further east of 252, is also adequate. To get there, driving east on AB19, turn left at the last intersection before the QE2 interchange.

Videos from this location:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxHOI8RQzxk (From Range Road 251, Icelandair 757 landing on 20)

Pictures from this location:

Spot #5: Alberta Highway 19