Spot #5: P1 Long Term Parking Garage


A 7 story parking garage that offers a great view of the northernmost side of Apron I. All movements on runway 17R, climb outs from runway 35L departures, and a great view of aircraft parked on the north side of Concourse A, in addition to aircraft parked at WestJet Encore's terminal are visible. Arrivals on runway 11 are also visible in the distance.


Evening spotting from here results in back lighting on arriving aircraft, though this can be used to get silhouette shots. Full approaches and touchdowns are visible.


This spot is quite far away from the runway. Heat haze may be an issue.


None, but use common sense.


Lots of zoom is required to catch landings and takeoffs, but not so much for aircraft on the apron. Parking starts at $10.00CAD and increases by another $10 each hour. The primary widebody gate on this side of Concourse A is gate 14, and is always used by British Airways and Hainan Airlines. It is occasionally used by Air Transat, KLM, and WestJet, but those carriers will go to A12 (on the southern side) or A17 (on the westernmost end) if A14 is occupied.

Video from this location: (Montage of Concourse A action, includes several WestJets and British Airways' 767 arriving.

Pictures from this location: