A path where aircraft on the eastern end of the terminal can be seen, as well as the eastern portion of the apron. Movements on runway 12-30 may be visible in the background. Aircraft on the nearby de-icing pad and stands are also able to be photographed, and this de-icing pad is typically where Airbus A380s will park if they divert.

The best spot that doesn't involve paying for a hotel room to see aircraft on the apron.

Lighting is bad in the winter. You can only see a certain portion of the terminal.

None experienced. Keep in mind the security notes on the main page.

Good for photography and videos. Park at the nearby Esso and walk from there. The path continues south along 31st St E, where it is possible to see more aircraft at the terminal. The two photos below were not taken directly from the fence; you can get shots without the hills in the way.

Pictures from this location:

Spot #6: 36 Avenue E Walking Path