NOTE: There are no publicly accessible places to spot from. You will need a "runway view" room on floors 6 or above to see anything.

A large, multi-story hotel where landings and touchdowns on runway 12

and 02 are visible, as well as takeoff rolls from 12 and 02. Aircraft on the

north side of the main apron are clearly visible. Outside the room, you can

walk down the hallway to the north to see runway 20 landings. From the

room, the primary de-icing apron is visible and in clear view. Aircraft climbing

away from runway 20 and 30 are also visible. This is a great location for

some long-exposure shots. See images, all are taken from a room on the

7th floor.

The best spot at the airport by far for apron views. There is nothing better

than spotting on a -20°C day from a hotel room with a cup of coffee in hand.

The images below speak for themselves.

The windows do not open and your view of the terminal apron as a whole is somewhat limited. Reflections can be an issue. Light poles on the de-icing apron can obstruct your view of the northernmost bay. Lighting is best in the early morning, but backlighting can become an issue in the late afternoon and evening (unless you want some silhouette shots)

As mentioned above, a runway view room is highly recommended for any avgeek. Recommended focal length is 100-400mm. Parking is also about $15.

Videos from this location:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3O5JdjbgnQ (Montage of aircraft from a 1-night stay)

Pictures from this location:

Spot #7: Renaissance Hotel Edmonton Airport