Spot #7: Viewing Area Near Shell Aerocentre


A small area with a picnic table with a good view of all movements on runway 35L, runway 29 arrivals in the far distance, and rotations/climb outs from runway 17R departures. Aircraft parked on Apron VI are visible too.


Spool-up sounds from departing aircraft on runway 35L can be heard distinctly, especially if there are no aircraft on the west side of 35L/17R with their engines running. Aircraft taxiing on taxiway Alpha are very close up. There is a lone picnic table that makes for a nice place to stand to take images, as well as two empty planters that offer some elevation.


Sounds from business jets on Apron VI can be annoying, and rotations from aircraft departing 35L cannot be seen due to the unused customs building. If there's a lot of aircraft parked on the adjacent ramp, it becomes hard to see arriving and departing aircraft.


None, this is a public viewing area and there are several picnic tables around. Do not stand, park, or set up a ladder within 10 feet of the fence.


There is a free parking lot adjacent to the location.

Videos from this location: (British Airways 787-8 landing on 35L) (Canadian North 737-300 taking off from 35L) (Montage of aircraft engine spool ups) (Kelowna Flightcraft DC-10 taxi past on Alpha and takeoff from 35L) (Bombardier CS100 taxiing off Apron VI and taking off 35L) (2 Air Canada 787s spooling up on 35L)

Pictures from this location: