Spot #9: Regent Aircraft Services Parking Lot


A small parking lot where all movements on runway 35L are visible, including 17R departures. There is also a nice view of Apron IV, in addition to close up views of aircraft on taxiway Yankee.


This spot is very close to taxiway Charlie, which is the taxiway aircraft will use when taxiing to 35L from the terminal for departure. Taxiway Yankee is closer, but is not often used. Spool-up sounds can be heard here, especially if the aircraft in question is the only one around.


There's a chain link fence in the way, but during the winter, snow is piled up here and the fence is no longer an issue. No approaches to 35L are visible either.


Though the signs on the fence say that parking is reserved, I have never had an issue. Recently there have been some issues regarding spotting at this location. Try to avoid parking at the stalls right next to the fence, and as always, stand 10 feet from it.


Good for photography and videos. Aircraft on Apron 4 are visible as well, and 737 aircraft from Flair Air and Enerjet will park near the fence when they're not in use.

Videos from this location: (2 Air Canada 777-300ERs taxiing and taking off 35L) (Until 1:23, Kenn Borek Air Basler BT-67 taxiing) (British Airways 787-8 taking off from 17R) (Air Canada A330-300 spooling up and taking off 35L) (Air Canada 777-300ER spooling up and taking off 35L) (Air Canada 777-200LR taxiing and taking off 29) (Cargolux 747-400 taxiing and taking off 35L)

Pictures from this location: